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Introducing the Smart Microfiber which uses only water as a cleaning agent, saving you time and money

What is it that makes the Smart Microfiber Systems line unique?

The Smart Microfiber Systems line includes a wide range of cleaning products, from Microfiber cleaning cloths, mops to high-tech skin cleaning products. Smart Microfiber Systems is therefore able to provide its customers with cleaning tools for most areas - professional cleaning, household cleaning, optical, computers, golfing equipment, office equipment, automobiles, cosmetics and sporting goods.

You will find Smart Microfiber Systems behind a wide range of Microfiber products, i.e. Microfiber cloths, mops, towels, etc.

Smart Microfiber and Aqualine products are made using Swedish technology that require only water for cleaning - no chemicals. Cloths, mops and beauty line. Environmentally friendly, durable, cost effective, fast and fun to use.


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